We originate primarily on the Sony F3 Cinealta HD Camera equipped with 35mm, 50mm and 85mm Prime Lenses as well as 18-252mm Zoom.

The package is further equipped with Arri Mattebox/Follow Focus and Sachtler Camera Support. The F3 records to 2 internal 32GB SxS cards, or on-board Sound Devices PIX 240 Digital Recorder with 256GB Solid State Drives (SSD) supporting ProRes 4444, 12-bit recording.

Complimenting the F3 is the Canon 5D Mark III HD Camera which is packaged with Canon 24mm-105mm F4L Zoom Lens.

Both the F3 and the 5D can be used with our Steadicam Camera Stabilization System (Iso-Elastic Arm/Vest & Sled).

Out in the Cold Production’s Extensive Sound Recording, Lighting, Jib Arm, Dolly, Grip and Teleprompting Equipment Packages make up the most complete Electronic Cinematography Field Production Package in Montana.

Partial Equipment List as of 1-1-16


• Sony F3 Super 35mm Cinealta XDCAM EX with PL Mount
• Prime Lenses - 35mm, 50mm, 85mm
• Zoom Lens SCL-Z18X140 14X Power Zoom Lens - 18mm-252mm
• Sony CBK-RGB01 Dual Link 444RGB Upgrade (S-Log)
• Sony SXS-1A 32GB Memory CardsSony SBAC-US10 SXS USB Reader/Writer
• Pelican Case with Custom Insert
• MacBook Pro Download Kit
• Canon 5D Mark III Package with Canon 24-105mm F4L lens & Canon Camera Bag
• Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 35 Optic
• Additional Panasonic HD (P2) Cameras available
• GoPro Hero3 & GoPro Hero2 HD Camcorders with Monitor & Mounting Package
• Sound Devices Pix 240 Solid State Recorder with 2 Drive Caddy’s, Sunshield and D-Tap2 Samsung 256 GB SSD


• Panasonic BT-LH80W HD/SDI LCD 7” Portable Monitor/Wave Form w/ Pelican Case
• Marshal V-LCD70XHB-3GSDI-AB, Daylight Viewable (800 Nit) 7” LCD Monitor and Marshall Lens Hood
• TV Logic 5.6” Multi-format HD/HDMI Monitor, D-Tap and Hoodman
• Small HD DP4-EVF 4.3” with D-Tap & Zacuto Arm Articulating arms with Zicro Mount
• Sony PVM-8041Q 8” AC/DC, 16:9 Portable Monitor with Portabrace Case & Hoodman
• Ikegami TM9-3 9” AC/DC, 16:9 Portable Client Monitor w/ Portabrace Case & Hoodman
• TransVideo 5” Rainbow Monitor
• Zacuto Z-Finder EVF-Pro with Cheese Stick, D-Tap and Zacuto Articulating Arm & Zicro Mount


• Arri MMB-1 Mattebox with 15mm Bridge Plate Adapter
• Arri Follow Focus Cine Kit
• Arri 143mm Bellows Ring
• Arri Eyebrow & Side Flags
• Schneider 138mm Circular Polarizer
• Tiffen Large assortment 4x5.65 & 4X4 glass filters with Tiffen Hard Case


• Sachtler Caddy 2A (7+7) Tripod Head Package
• Sachtler Heavy Duty 2-Stage Carbon Fiber Legs, Spreader. Hard and Soft CasesSachtler 100mm Hi-Hat
• Steadicam Arm & Vest / Steadicam Pilot SledCinekinetic Cinesaddle
• Shape Handles with Quick Rosettes for Handheld
• GoPro Underwater Housing, Chest Mount Harness, Car Mount


• Shure FP33 Portable Stereo Mixer (3 in/2 out) w/ Portabrace Audio Organizer Case
• PSC Video Snake with Quick Release, Extension and 50’ Duplex
• 3 Lectrosonics M187/CR187 VHF Wireless Systems w/ Lectrosonics H187 Plug-on Transmitter
• 3 Sennheiser UHF ew100G2 Wireless Systems with Plug-on Transmitters
• 5 Tram TR-50BMLXL Mics, (3 wired for use with Sennheiser Wireless Systems & 3 Hardwired
• 2 Lectrosonics Lavalier Mics4 Sennheiser ME-2 Lavalier Mics
• Sennheiser MKH416-P48-U3 Shotgun Mic Package w/ Power Supply
• Rycote Pistol Grip, Blimp & Windjammer
• Beyerdynamic M-58 hand-held mic package with Windscreen
• Sony Stereo Camera Mic with Rycote Softie
• van den Bergh Glass/Carbon Fiber Boom, 36” to 12’10” with Boom-Mate
• 2 Comtex PR-216 Wireless Headsets
• Sony MDR-7506 and MDR-V600 Pro-Headphones
• 4 Motorola Spirit MV11C 2-Ways
• Edirol R-09HR 24 bit WAVE/MP3 Recorder w/RTTC Box (WAVE 16 bit default for video - 44.1 kHz)
• JK Audio Telephone Interface Package


• K-5600 Joker 800 HMI Kit with Road Case and Chimera Speed Ring
• Arri Lighting: (second kit available as needed)
• 2, 150 Fresnel
• 1, 300 Fresnel
• 2, 650 Fresnel
• 1, 2K Fresnel
• 1, 1K Open-Face
• 1, 750 Open-Face
• 6 Kit Stands, Doors, Scrims, Diffusion, .Arri & Doskocil Hard Cases
• 2 Chimera (medium) with Eggcrates
• Lowell Tota 750
• Kino Flo Mini-Kit (car kit)
• Anton Bauer Ultralight-2 w/ Soft Box, Wide Angle Adapter and Dichroic Filter
• Spectra 4A Digital Light Meter Misc. scrims/gels/diffusion/dimmers/photo floods and China Balls


• QTV Prompting System with WinCue LT Software
• Prompter People 15" LCD with Acrylic Beam Splitter
• HP Pavilion XH545 LaptopSystem is lightweight, AC/DC and is designed for studio or remote applications


• Cinevate Duzi Slider V3 – 32” with 100mm Bowl Adapter
• Trovato-Cine Jib Arm
• Speedrail / 32 Wheel Channel/Platform Dolly* (Willy’s Widgets), MSE steel track. Adjustable seat, Sideboards & Ubangi Will run on curved track. (Slider available)


• Element Technica Bridge Plate Dual Studio Kit
• Element Technica Arri Dovetail
• Element Technica Riser and Shoulder Pad
• Element Technica 12” and 6” 15mm Rods
• Berkey Top Cheese Plate with Extension
• Zacuto Articulating Arms


• Anton Bauer Dionic 90 Batteries
• Anton Bauer ProPac 14 Batteries
• Anton Bauer 2 Position Interactive Charger/AC Camera Power
• Anton Bauer Quad Interactive Charger/Discharger/AC Camera Power
• Anton Bauer Quick Release with 2 D-Tap Outlets
• Anton Bauer Matrix Cheese Plate & Clamp
• Sony 56WH Batteries
• Sony BC-U2 Battery Charger
• 33 Amp Hour Gel Cell Battery with Anvil Case (Dual 4-pin ports)
• Canon LP-E6 Batteries
• Canon Single Charger for LP-E6
• Watson Duo-Charger for LP-E6


• 6 Double Riser C-Stands with Heads & Arms (1 with Rocky Mountain Leg)
• 1 Beefy Baby Triple Riser with Rocky Mountain Leg
• 3, 24x36 Solid
• 2, 18x24 Double
• 2, 18x24 Single
• 1, 18x24 Silk
• 1, 18x24 Solid
• 1 Road-Rags Mini-Grip Kit
• 1, 40x40 ScrimJim
• 1, 6x6’ Kit (B/W Grif, Grid Cloth, ¼ Grid Cloth)
• 1, 4x4’ Kit (B/W Grif, Grid Cloth)
• 3, Full Apple
• 2, Half Apple
• 2, Quarter Apple
• 2, Pancakes
• 2, Sound Blankets
• Foamcore 32x40, 40x60 (black and white)
• 32x40 Shiny Boards
• 2, Hard/Soft Reflectors
• 8, Sand/Shot Bags
• 6’, 8’ & 12’ Ladders
• Hand Truck
• 6’X8’ Portable Green Screen
• 10, 50’ Stingers
• Misc. Grip Hardware; 4X4’ Frames, Mafers, Matthellini, Platypus, Grip Heads, Tools, Clamps, Baby Plates, Gator Grip, Cookies, Flex-Fill, Muslin, Blackwrap, Black Ripstop, Duvatene, Gaffer Tape, Camera Tape, Etc. 10x12” and 20x24” Sheets CTO. CTB, Party Colors, Misc. Diffusion and Gel Rolls


Coleman 6250 Watt Portable Generator


• Pelican Storm Cases with Innerspace Custom Inserts for Camera, Lenses & AccessoriesThermodyne, Doskocil, Arri, Anvil and Ameripack Cases with Custom Inserts


2014 Dodge CV Van (5-doors) with Custom Coompartments – loaded

Not all equipment carried at all times, please specify.