“Thank you again for your help in leaving this lasting Legacy for Learning to Yellowstone National Park . . . successfully raised over $8.3 million”

Pat Cole, Executive Director, Yellowstone Foundation – Yellowstone National Park

“You did just a terrific job. I was pleasantly surprised, having never worked with you before. It was like a little movie with great production value. You did a really, really good job.”

Greg Klein, Producer - America’s Most Wanted - Silver Spring, MD

“The quality of the Video is FANTASTIC – really, really good work! I wish Out in the Cold Productions could follow me around the country for all my shoots!”

Angela Moyer, Capital Quest - Tucson, Arizona

“The shoot went very well - picture looked great. Really liked the crew.”

Arlene Weisskopf, Face the Nation - CBS New York

“The commercial is a major hit.”

Steve Miller, Montana Silversmiths

“Thanks again for all of your help. Look for your footage on Entertainment Tonight in the next three weeks of so.”

Tony Esposito, Bozell Worldwide, Inc.

“We simply could not have done it without all your help.  Your name has rung loud around the Café office.”

James Hawes (Director) Café Productions Limited - London

“You did an amazing job. Thanks so much for everything. Now, get some rest. God knows you’ve earned it!”

Rob Hennings, McCarthy Marcus Hennings - Washington DC

“You really did a nice job with the cattle rancher. We got a lot of compliments on how great the video looked and it was just very nicely done.”

Jane Welch, CNBC - Los Angeles.

“Many thanks for your help on this project. I returned to the news that BBC World was very happy with the series.”

David Rust, Lagoon Media LTD - London.

“We are using the DVD to great effect, thanks to your terrific work. We’ll give you one hell of a good reference.”

David Bland, President/CEO Travois, Inc. – Kansas City, MO

“Jim Abel is awesome. What a great guy. The shoot was flawless. You have a great crew up there.”

Katie Landfear, New Wave Entertainment - Los Angeles.

“The video was a big hit on all fronts. They are flying out the door like candy on Halloween.”

Kent Burgess – St. John’s Lutheran Ministries – Billings, MT

“Thank you for producing the ‘Relay for Life Video.’ The result is truly inspirational.”

Kristy Farver Oaks, American Cancer Society

“I reviewed the footage and think it looks great - The B-roll is wonderful and the event footage turned out better than I expected.”

Michael Morgan, U.S. Census Brueau - Washington DC

“You are a genial, thoughtful, articulate, professional and delightful guy!”

Senator Alan Simpson (regarding news stories for NBC and FOX)

“Your creativity has blessed many a business and organization. Glad we were there to see the beginning.”

Marilyn and Don Floberg, Prudential Floberg Realtors - Billings

“It was a blessing to work with someone with your experience and gifts. Thank you for being so accommodating, pleasant and professional.”

Karl Krummenacher, Activated Marketing – St. Louis, MO

“You exceeded our expectations. It was a pleasure to work with you.”

Dave Gardner, Visions West - Dallas

“Thank you very much for your hard work and professionalism, it’s very refreshing!”

Lisa Posada-Griffin, President Yellowstone County DUI Task Force

“Thanks Jim!! Saw the tapes . . . everything looks great!"

Heather Gordon – Nash Entertainment “Most Daring” Tru TV

“I have never and would never ask for a testimonial. It wouldn’t be one if I did.”

Jim Abel, Out in the Cold Productions.